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Art Collective The Raw Cases

‘Work in Regress’

The Raw Cases is a project that brings together 13 emerging international artists and master alumni from AKV Master Institute of Visual Cultures. The group gathers twice a year and partakes in a residency, followed by a group exhibition.
Within this temporary exhibition space, the artists aim to display their artworks in ‘medias rès’, in a state of no beginning and no finality. The collective is found upon the artists’ mutual idea that abiding by notions of ‘progress’ and ‘final result’ is an approach that often undermines the research process. Tracing textures of place; sounds, lines and histories connect past and present into the indefinite now. This in-between, ambivalent state between beginning and completion, between knowing and uncertainty are themes underlying the upcoming show, ‘Mid-Air’.

Catching oneself in ‘mid-air’ might feel like everything you know or touch is in flux- a groundless and vulnerable intrusion of everyday habitualities. Scrutinizing these ongoing changes, marks and traces perceived in the present moment, may provide a sense of wonder in not knowing- to embody uncertainty as a method of artistic practice where things are permitted to appear and disappear, rather than a static and linear procession. Does this mean surrendering to the fall? … Or to fight against gravity?

(text by Annie Riga)