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Extremely Normal

Through experiences in my childhood with feeling excluded by not fitting to social expectations, I developed a sensibility for finding a balance between being your true soft, vulnerable and dependent self and positioning yourself towards expectations born from prevailing norms. This sensibility created an awareness on the influence of unspoken social norms related to gender and the position of values that are connected to gender stereotypes, like vulnerability, dependence, strength and power.

Within my art practise I critique the intrinsic values related to hegemonic masculinity in western society and its influence and appearance in art, art history and commercial imagery. I focus on the stereotypical image of masculinity,  questioning the norms connected to hegemonic masculinity (such as being strong, independent, fearless, ambitious and controlling emotions)  and arguing to open it up. The artworks, created with different media like photography, drawing, sculpture and installation, reflect on the visual language that composes this dominant image. The works talk about a fear to be vulnerable, a ‘trying to be untouchable’, but or and by trying to hard they become vulnerable again, as a victim of their own norms.

01 – bending backwards

02 – relating to the crowd

03 – behavior of the default man

04 – relating to patriarchy

05 – relating to patriarchy

06 – graduation show – extremely normal