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Within the environmental crisis, the insane amount of trash we create is one of the biggest problems. It’s both a local and global problem. TRASH is a collaboration with the neighbourhood I live in, with the goal to create awareness about the growing problem around roaming litter. Every 2 to 3 weeks we collected the roaming litter and made garlands of it that hang for approximately one week on a specific place in the neighbourhood. With these actions and the photographic work I created from it, we contributed to a growing awareness by both confronting the people and getting them involved to take care of our environment. The garlands show the problem in a playful way.

The project got local and national attention from newspapers and television and had impact on the long term as more people in this neighbourhood started to collect the roaming litter every week, also when the project itself was finished.

AD Rotterdam (newspaper) April, 24th, 2019
NOS 12.00 and 18.00 Journal (video) April 29th, 2019
RTV Rijnmond (video) April, 28th, 2019
RTL Editie NL (article and video) 13th of May 2019